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Welcome to New School Aikido 

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Aikido is a revolutionary martial and self-defense art developed in Japan in the early 1900s. Some people call it self-defense; others call it artistry. Its techniques are natural movements that stop aggression. No violence. No tough guy mentality. No special strength or agility required.

Aikido utilizes your natural desire to be safe and vitally alive. Because of this, almost anyone of any age or physical makeup can learn Aikido. You can be both safe and happy at the same time.

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, was a master of many arts. His vision included stopping the cycle of violence in our world, person by person, and replacing it with a powerful, proactive, nonviolent method of resolving conflict. He called it “the way of harmony” (Aikido).

New School Aikido was founded by Sensei John Smartt whose goal was to bring the way of harmony to Stockton. Since its founding in 1986, New School Aikido has taught hundreds of children, youth, and adults.

Classes are scheduled every week day and evening, with additional training and special events on Saturdays. You can start any time, and proceed at your own pace. All classes are taught by expert black belt level teachers.